“Better is the enemy of good“ (Voltaire)


It works !

Since 2000, when Fieger was founded, the company has fast developed into an innovative and successful leader in louvre windows – worldwide. We are constantly engaging with the challenges presented by our clients, in terms of functionality and visual appeal.

We see this as an opportunity to deliver bespoke solutions to distinctive building designs. Something we have done time and time again since the company’s inception.

This has been our driving force. We have always wanted to be

the better alternative,

to set new standards with our louvre blades and vents, as well as with the related technology and the service we provide, in terms of cost effectiveness, innovation and aesthetics.

Our motto is always the same, regardless of whether it concerns traditional louvre vents, the use of new louvre blade technologies or the development of novel products:

If it’s physically possible, then we can make it.

This also explains why coming from a rural region is of great benefit to our clients. You grow up with the important values of quality, reliability and trust, based on fairness, respect and a down-to-earth attitude. This is reflected in our company by technically excellent and innovative products. In metropolitan circles, there is probably a buzzword for it.

We simply call it partnership –

and through such a partnership, which creates trust on both sides over time, most things are achievable – as long as they are physically possible viable.


As unique as your ideas

A sophisticated system for your sophisticated ideas.

Innovation in our company is a matter for the boss. This is why Thomas Fieger himself is the head of the development department.

Fieger – Design and Special Construction

This is where we assess the feasibility of your ideas and work to help you make them a reality. The full range of our services extends from adapting existing products to the development of completely new window systems, specifically tailored to your needs.


The main focus of our work is as follows:

  • Development of systems with movable and/or fixed blades manufactured from aluminium or glass with project-specific features.
  • Design, sample construction and testing of new systems in line with your requirements for all applications.
  • Development of new drive mechanics, control options and sensor technology in combination with louvre ventilators.

Just give us a call ! As a rule, we can usually tell you fairly quickly how we can help and what sort of time-frame and costs are likely to be involved. It doesn’t matter if you just have a general or a specific enquiry. We always look forward to hearing from you and we can promise you one thing:

FIEGER – Louvre. Vent. Technology
It works !


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