The Fieger Louvre Window

First the bad news: there isn’t “the“ Fieger louvre window, but that is also the good news: there are a number and Fieger offers you exactly the louvre window you require – a standard version or bespoke.

Functionality and Design

Security, stability, practicality and individuality are the characteristics of our products. This can be a standard unit, a special design for thermal insulation or fire protection or even a completely different, specific construction.

Your wish is our command !

Whatever your requirements may be: we are certain that a Fieger louvre window will always provide great benefits for you. Whether it’s for home builders, property developers, architects or for those in charge of official buildings.

In our company, the word of the boss is sacrosanct:

“If it’s physically possible, then we can make it.”

Thomas Fieger
Thomas Fieger | CEO
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