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With our Calculator Tool you can get a first non-binding overview which louvre window will best meet your project requirements. Just type in the relevant information on the left hand side and the results will be displayed on the right. For the exact calculation of your project, please contact one of our FIEGER project managers at .

Calculator Tool

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with Centre Mullion

Calculated Values

Louvre specifications at a glance

For your information:
Heights and widths are stated in mm, U-values in W/m²K, Edge Seal Type in W/mK, Wind Pressure in N/m², A aero and A geom in

System NSHEV Vents Width/Height Vents/-height U Edge Seal Type A geom(Tot) A aero(Tot) U-value/U-value+

Important note:

These are non-binding standard calculations. Displayed values are for guidance only and do not constitute an offer.
For questions please contact us by phone or via e-mail!

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