Louvre windows: re-imagined


Enhancing the Unique

A louvre window by Fieger is, in itself, already something unique.

However, even this can be enhanced both with optional extras and our commitment to customer service; and for those special requirements, we have the expertise to provide bespoke solutions.

Fieger Accessories

We deliver what our logo promises: louvres, vents and technology.  As a result, the benefits of a louvre window can be enhanced, especially in terms of automatic ventilation (e.g. in schools and universities), fire protection and energy efficiency.



There is a great variety of actuators available for our louvre windows. The vents can be operated manually, electrically or pneumatically. The actuators, all of which are adapted to our system, come exclusively from renowned premium manufacturers and are supplied ready-assembled and tested.

Our patented rack-and-pinion drive ensures, on the one hand, long-lasting and secure functionality, whilst on the other, a smooth synchronized movement and surprisingly quiet operation of the blades. Our mechanism makes it possible to operate up to 3m² of vent surface area with just one actuator.

You can take a look at all drives at a glance here.

Control Technology

Even more comfort and efficiency can be achieved through additional electronic controls. For project-specific solutions, we work with leading manufacturers of NSHEV devices. If not already provided or installed, we can also supply:

  • NSHEV devices
  • Ventilation controls
  • Smoke detectors
  • Switches
  • Wind and rain sensors

Auxiliary Contacts

For status indication, e.g. the position of the blades, our louvre windows can be fitted with the new Fieger developed auxiliary contacts. These can provide status updates such as: “window 100% open” and “window 100% closed”.

Types of installation

EinbauvariantenWe have the right solution for every application. For curtain wall and glazing systems, there are configurable adapter frames available, which are delivered ready-assembled on the louvre windows. On our new FLW 40 system, the installation adapter is an integral part of the vent frame.

The vents can then be inserted like glass panes into the building façade. Furthermore, our vents can also be installed in wooden post-beam walls, masonry, structural glazing and composite panel façades.

Security Bars

QuerstrebenAs additional intruder and/or anti-fall protection, we can fit our louvre windows with internal stainless steel cross bars. The bars are fixed into the side frames, are not visible from the outside when the vents are closed and can be fitted with alarm sensors for additional security.

Insect Screens

Both bird guards and insect screens are available as optional accessories.

Customer Service

FIEGER Service

We not only manufacture high quality louvre windows, but also in terms of service “standard” is the minimum we provide. We believe that our customers should expect and get more.
Here is a choice of the services we offer, starting with ordering and delivery, through to installation and after sales care.


Fieger louvre windows are manufactured according to your requirements and specification. Every window is tested at the factory and then delivered ready for installation. To protect the products, they are carefully packed in sturdy wooden crates. We then arrange delivery to an agreed address, whether this be to your office, factory or building site. In any event, arrangements should always be made to ensure that there are suitable offloading facilities available; a fork lift truck is normally ideal.

We take out freight insurance, so it’s important to check the crates for damage immediately on receipt of the goods. The crates should be protected from adverse weather conditions and especially high humidity, particularly if the vents are not to be unpacked straightaway.

To unpack a crate, lift it up with the top of the crate facing you. The top should be clearly marked “Open this side”. Tip the crate slightly backwards to prevent the vents from accidentally falling out. Please also follow the instructions below for transport and assembly.

Delivery to Construction Sites

If required, we can arrange delivery direct to the construction site. In this instance, we need to have a site contact, together with a mobile phone number. We may also need details about access to the site and the offloading arrangements.

If the delivery needs to be at a certain place at a certain time, then we need to know this at the quotation stage, when we can allow for a dedicated delivery. This is, of course, more expensive than standard transport.


The Louvre Windows should always be transported upright and tight strapping of the units themselves should be avoided. This is to prevent damage to the operating mechanism. All ventilators are shipped with the louvres fully closed. Excessive force caused by tight strapping is likely to result in the louvres not opening and closing properly after installation. Large ventilators are dispatched on the long side and must be stood vertically prior to installation. The units should never be allowed to land on any of the corners.

The installation of the Louvre Windows is carried out manually. The units should never be lifted using a vacuum hoist (glass suction cups). This can lead to the louvre blades being damaged.

As an alternative, we can provide lifting lugs, fitted to the top of the side frames.

The units should never be lifted using a vacuum hoist (glass suction cups). This can lead to the louvre blades being damaged.

Installation Notes

It is critical that the vents are installed absolutely true and square. If packers are to be used, they must only be located beneath the side frames and/or under the centre mullion. Failure to do this will lead to incorrect operation and possible damage to the louvre frames and pinions.

The vents should really only be fixed via the side-frames, using either the appropriate glazing adapters, fixing flanges or masonry clips. As a rule, these are dispatched with the vents. For curtain wall applications, this makes for a simple installation method, whereby the vents can be fitted straight in between the mullions and transoms. In some applications, pre-drilled fixing holes are prepared for direct fixing to the structure.

Care should be taken not to insert screws into the side frames, other than in the pre-drilled holes. Otherwise, the rack-and-pinion mechanism could be damaged.

If you are in any doubt about the best way to install the vents, please contact us.

After installation, each Louvre Window should be commissioned using either the manual control handle or the electric motor, as appropriate, to ensure that each unit operates correctly. In addition, the installation should be checked to ensure that the joints between the louvres are even and between the end of the louvre blades and the side frames. Any unevenness or gaps will indicate that the Louvre Window isn’t sitting plumb and this will need to be rectified. Checks should also be made to make sure that the louvres close evenly and tightly, flush with the frame.

We strongly recommend that, immediately after installation & commissioning, you confirm the correct operation of the Louvre Windows. You should make sure that the Louvre Windows, and especially the motors, are protected against potential damage during subsequent building works. We also advise that you should not allow the louvres to be improperly opened, for example, being forced open during a power cut. Incorrect installation can lead to a failure of components, which may invalidate the guarantee.


In the event of fire, a NSHEV system must function safely and reliably. To guarantee this, there is a legal obligation to carry out regular maintenance and the responsibility rests solely with the user/proprietor of the building.

In order to meet the legal requirements, we offer expert maintenance of our products. This way, we make sure that in an emergency, the system operates reliably to protect the building and, above all, the people inside.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to obtain further information about or a quotation for the maintenance of our SmoTec NSHEV units.

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