Fieger windows offer more than just daylight


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Fieger louvre windows offer a wide variety of advantages because they combine originality and functionality in a highly aesthetic and efficient way. This section contains some applications and different areas of use for our products.

You will also find here all relevant information about the Fieger product range.

FIEGER creates patterns of light and shade.


The considerate use of energy and natural resources is of growing importance.

Our patented products combine aesthetic appeal with maximum flexibility and functionality. A choice of materials is available (glass, aluminium, wood, etc.), to create the desired visual effect, both internally and externally, with louvres fitted either vertically or horizontally. Consequently, we can contribute effectively to achieving the right sort of environment, so that people feel at ease.

FIEGER provides for an intelligent teaching and learning environment.

SchulenUniversitaetenEveryone knows how important oxygen is for the efficiency of the human brain.

Without adequate ventilation, oxygen levels in the classroom, lecture theatre and gymnasium can be quickly depleted.

We have a solution for this: intelligent louvre windows, which contribute, with control sensors, to always letting sufficient fresh air in whenever necessary. This leads to a positive impact on the mental and physical performance of the students.

FIEGER makes buildings safer.

Entrauchung02600 deaths a year through fires in buildings. 90% of casualties die from the effects of smoke, which not only impair vision but critically breathing as well.

Not surprisingly, fire protection of buildings is one of the most important legal requirements, because in the event of fire, every second counts to get people out of the danger zone. Fieger has the right products to meet this requirement. Our certified SmoTec louvre windows provide fast and reliable extraction of smoke & toxic gases and ensure a smoke-free layer by exploiting the thermal effects in the fire zone, thus enabling people to escape.

FIEGER improves the environment.


Louvre windows can make a significant contribution to reducing harmful emissions as well as energy costs.

Together with innovative mechanics and sophisticated ventilation technology, we can take advantage of the laws of physics.

In an ideal situation, and given the right basic conditions, we can even make air conditioning superfluous. The new headquarters of a computer giant is currently being built in California – without the need for any air conditioning, but fully equipped with natural ventilation units, specially developed and designed for this building.

FIEGER enables architects to be more creative.


You have the ideas. We have the expertise to realize these ideas in terms of light and airflow.

Our operable louvre blades offer a wide variety of design possibilities, with regard to form, colour & function. Our products adapt to the application. It doesn’t matter if you wish to use our products with transparent, opaque or coloured glazing or for shading or temperature regulation: it’s possible to make an individual statement in terms of innovative architecture and classic house design.

FIEGER makes living much more interesting.

FamilienHomeownership is still something precious

For most people it is the most expensive purchase of their life. Expectations therefore are correspondingly high in terms of comfort and enjoyment. FIEGER louvre windows can make a significant contribution to these expectations, because, firstly, they provide maximum comfort and, secondly, not everyone has them.

FIEGER makes windows multi-functional.

MultifunktionalYou can tilt and open windows or look through them.

FIEGER can do an awful lot more: conserve warmth, displace CO2, save energy (and hence money), better resist forced entries, as well as precisely control the position of the blades via a BMS network.

They offer a wide variety of design possibilities, which provide a sophisticated look to any façade no matter whether it involves our standard products or our bespoke solutions. In any event, they set new standards: economically, ecologically, visually and technically.

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